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We are dedicated to empowering and uplifting black businesses. We accomplish this by fostering new connections, encouraging collaborations, and providing unwavering support to each business owner on their path to success.

Together, we pave the way for growth and prosperity in black communities.

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Àbélà (which in Yoruba means Candle) by Scents of Africa is a Nigerian Afro-Centric Artistic Perfumery Brand that interprets its world through scents; telling stories of its African heritage & perspective.

Àbélà ® by Scents of Africa offers an array of conceptual art fragrance products for home and personal care.

Meet Afriquè Luxé Printz, a Dallas-based retailer and wholesaler that seamlessly fuses the latest trends with its African heritage, resulting in an unparalleled blend of style, quality, and authenticity.

Babitol Ventures manufacture and import gift items and accessories from African fabrics and themes. Customer love the uniqueness of the items, often with a bright explosion of colours, geometric patterns and delightful finishings.

Bonnet Bandits offers a line of high-quality and customized activewear and sleepwear designed to protect our customers’ hair as she conquers every aspect of her life. Their products come in beautiful bold prints and solids.

Step into a world of African elegance and contemporary flair with Bundu&Co, the female ready-to-wear brand that beautifully blends traditional West African wax print fabric and tie-dye fabrics sourced straight from Nigeria. Get ready to be mesmerized by their stunning and stylish pieces, all thoughtfully crafted at affordable prices.

Introducing Koko Ekeng, a renowned Parenting Coach and the brilliant mind behind the transformative book, "Strategic Parenting". With profound insights drawn from personal experiences, This transformative guide, provides a lifeline for parents seeking to alleviate the weight of parenting stress and forge profound connections with their children.

Dapper Dre's is more than just a barber. He has expanded his offering to include a range of grooming products specifically designed for men. Having recently launched the popular beard kit and Charisma Cologne, his ambition is to become a go-to for good looks and a luxurious lifestyle.

Introducing DesiZ Kollection, a remarkable fashion brand on a mission to bring out the beauty and unique personality of its customers through bold, beautiful, and fun African-inspired prints and designs, all at affordable prices. DesiZ Kollection seeks to empower and celebrate women of all colors, embracing the rich tapestry of beauty while sharing the captivating essence of African colors and culture.

Folly's Art and Crafts is passionate about developing creativity in young people through skills based learning and crafts. With a range of accessories made from beads and African print (Ankara) fabric, Folly's products include purses, bags, earrings, bangles and personal organization/storage items.

For The Love of Tea source and sell 100% organic tea from around the world. Our customers are confident in our brand because of the quality and consistency of our products.

It's Time Fitness offers a self-guided 12-Day Power Detox Program using the 12-Day Power Detox Book. Feel Revived. Participants enjoy the benefits of toxins removal, weight loss up to 26lbs, fresher skin, sexy/flatter abs, better sleep, amongst other benefits.

Also known as Management Consultants of America, The Accounting Strategist supports small business owners, helping them to understand numbers as a strategic tool in building leads and achieving growth.

Mygani LLC is a lifestyle accessory brand that creates inspirational products for women and girls of color. Featured recently on the big screen, their product line showcase custom illustrations of black women with naturally curly hair. Mygani LLC seeks to empower black women to be confident within themselves regardless of their hair texture or skin complexion

Oge by Dara is a bespoke fashion label rooted in African origins and based in Canada, specializing in ready-to-wear styles for both men and women. The brand embraces the rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions of Africa, infusing them into their designs to create unique and captivating fashion experiences.

Protecting Peace Counselling Services provides exceptional mental health therapy services. The founder, Adia Banks, is dedicated to assisting individuals in finding healing and restoring balance in their lives.

Teni and Tayo Creations create products and classes that teach kids about Africa through play, stories, and hands-on activities. Their solutions could be as simple as an African proverb in your toy box or a subscription box with lessons about Africa inside. Whatever it is, Teni and Tayo Creations are excited to share a piece of Africa with you.

WODPPAREL creates trendy faith-based clothing that prepare people for impact by developing a consciousness of the word of God. Through words of affirmation and scriptural references, WODPPAREL inspires the wearer to spark a positive impact in their world. Learn more by visiting

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