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 Established: 2017 

 By: Mariha Ineke 

Bonnet Bandits offers a line of high-quality and customized activewear and sleepwear designed to protect our customers’ hair as she conquers every aspect of her life. Their products come in beautiful bold prints and solids. 


Bonnet Bandits products are made from nothing but the best materials and fabrics. No more hair breakage, loss, bedhead, or sweaty nights! They are not only for indoor usage, but stylish enough to be worn outdoors.

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A perfect fusion of form and function


Now, you can protect your hair while looking effortlessly stylish. Gone are the days of settling for the ordinary; embrace the extraordinary with Bonnet Bandits' products crafted for the on-the-go, successful woman! Experience the freedom of choice and beauty, all in one place.

In her words, the founder, Mariha says:


"2020 was very hard for us. Not only was it hard and difficult on the business it was hard and difficult for me personally. Our primary source of awareness and funding was trade shows and without any trade shows, we had to find funding to  hire a social media consultant to manage and run our page.  


I was working full-time running a product-based business alone and on mandatory shut-in. I learned so much about myself and because it was a hard time for me, I learned about pivoting my business after I came out of depression. My late arrival at pivoting caused some shortcomings for our business but we survived. We’re not where I would like us to be. We continue to keep pushing and being on the board".



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