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Strategic Parenting

 Established: 2016 

 By: Koko Ekeng

Discover the mind behind the book, "Strategic Parenting," as we introduce Koko Ekeng —a highly regarded Parenting Coach. Informed by her own journey of raising a special needs child, Koko has crafted this life-changing guide. It is a lifeline for parents, offering relief from the strains of parenting stress and illuminating pathways to forge profound connections with their children.




Koko Ekeng (CoachKoks) is a mother, a life coach and author of Strategic Parenting: Raising Wholesome Children in Today’s World.

Within its pages, readers of this book will unearth a wealth of strategies to cultivate genuine, understanding, accepting, and empathetic relationships with their kids. It serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards harmonious parent-child dynamics, empowering parents with the tools they need to create lasting, authentic bonds with their children.


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Strategic Parenting


Facebook: @coachkokshealer

Instagram: @coachkoks

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