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 Established: 2019 

 By: Andre Twine

Dapper Dre's is more than just a barber. He has expanded his offerings to include a range of grooming products specifically designed for men. Among these products are the highly popular beard kit and Charisma Cologne. His ambition is to become a lifestyle brand and go-to for good looks and a luxurious lifestyle.

 Dapper Dre's goal is to equip men with the necessary tools to achieve their desired look and feel their absolute best. Whether you're focused on maintaining a well-groomed beard or aiming to elevate your overall grooming experience,  Dapper Dre's has got you covered.

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Andre, is a Navy Veteran and a dedicated family man. He takes great pride in serving others and has a unique approach that has pushed his business into a luxury lifestyle brand.


As a testament to his commitment to exceptional service, Dapper Dre's has introduced new merchandise for the 2023 Father's Day with exciting plans for an upcoming men's fashion line. Stay tuned for more stylish offerings from Dapper Dre's that reflect Andre's passion for fashion and his desire to cater to the needs of his customers.

Products and Offerings

  • Dapper Dre's Beard Kit is a premium grooming product that provides nourishment and moisture to beards. Its specialized formula promotes healthy beard growth and ensures soft and manageable facial hair. This kit is ideal for individuals seeking to maintain a well-groomed and stylish beard.

  • Dapper Dre's offers the Charisma Cologne, a delightful fragrance with a refreshing scent that adds sophistication to your grooming routine, leaving you confident and pleasantly scented all day long.



Instagram:  @1gentleman4life

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