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 Established: 2012 

 By: Ade Ashaye 

Detoxing is like giving your Body and Soul a good oil change. The 12-Day Power Detox Program is a self-guided program to help you do this, using the 12-Day Power Detox Book.


Readers can follow easily through a nutrition guide that uses green smoothies to help remove toxic substances from the body. The 12-day emotional Detox Devotional process then detoxes the soul but getting rid of negative emotions, helping to embrace positive ones.


Ade Ashaye is the CEO of It's Time Fitness and a Certified Health and Life Coach. For over 9 years, she has helped thousands of people around the world experience transformation - Spirit, Soul and Body.


She is also a motivational speaker and certified Dance to Fitness™ instructor. She has appeared on several TV and radio shows as well as been featured in conferences, retreats and events in Canada, Nigeria, and major cities in the United States.

Feel Revived, Restored and Rejuvenated in less than 12 days.


Participants enjoy the benefits of toxins removal, weight loss up to 26lbs, fresher skin, sexy/flatter abs, better sleep, generally feeling well from the inside and out and learning how to curb cravings.


The book includes a grocery list, delicious smoothie recipes a meal & activity plan, plus an emotional detox devotional, with success stories and testimonials. Read the testimonials and order online on Amazon at


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