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 Established: 2016 

 By: Deola Paul-Inyang 

Abela (which in Yoruba means Candle) by Scents of Africa is a Nigerian Afro-Centric Artistic Perfumery Brand that interprets its world through scents; telling stories of its African heritage & perspective. 


Through an array of olfactory platforms, the Abela brand expresses the emotions behind art, culture and human experiences. Abela by Scents of Africa offers an array of conceptual art fragrance products for home and personal care.

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Deola Paul-Iyang, Founder Abela Scents of Africa

Deola Paul-Inyang is a trained artistic perfumer-creator and educator. Deola, CEO Scents of Africa, specializes in Artistic Perfumery, Aromatic Distillation, Aromatherapy & Perfume Education. 


Deola is the visionary behind Abela Centre for Olfactory Art, Lagos which is the home of all Scents of Africa’s creative platforms which collectively inspire the passion for olfactory art in Africa as a communication form. Deola is passionate about creating social solutions for Olfactory Art in Africa; empowering creative olfactory originators by establishing artistic platforms for its budding community of perfume artisans. 

Products and Offerings

Abela recently launched a new product range which includes the Rustic Africa, and Farm Therapy collections. The Abela Centre for Olfactory Art opened recently in Lagos, Nigeria with a range of conceptual scent art products and a Fragrance Academy.

Download the Abela Rustic Africa Catalogue


Shop Àbélà® by Scents of Africa products in the ATBB Store

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