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 Established: 2018 

 By: Folayemi Legunsen 

Folly’s Art and Craft is a Nigerian creative brand that makes high quality African Accessories from beads and African print (Ankara fabric). Our products range from Afro-centric earrings, bangles and hairbands to beaded bags, purses, storage items and jewelry. 


Folly's was founded from a passion to inspire a whole generation of children and young adults to explore their creative mindset and skills. Thus, we provide craft development workshops to a wide range of audiences online and in person, transmitted from Lagos, Nigeria. 




The business started has a hobby soon after rounding up my undergraduate degree in History and Diplomatic Studies from Babcock University, Nigeria.


During my National Youth Service program in Edo State, Nigeria, I enrolled for a number of craft courses and acquired a variety of skills in bead making and African print crafts. Soon after, I became a resident artist at the National Art's Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos.


My learnings in discovering my skills as an artist inspired me to teach others and ultimately start my own business,

Reseller Program

Folly's Arts and Crafts runs a reseller program for wholesale customers within and outside Nigeria.

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Instagram: @follyscraft

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