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Abélà® by Scents of Africa

Abélà® by Scents of Africa



Deola 'ABELA' Paul-Iyang


Àbélà® is a brand owned by Abela World Limited, Nigeria. Representing more than just a brand; it embodies a creative journey that celebrates the essence of Africa through scent and storytelling. Abela encapsulates the African dream, heritage, and creative spirit, providing a distinctive experience that captures the rich narrative of African culture.

Parallel Lines


Deola 'ABELA' Paul-Iyang

"Every creation becomes a narrative – a story of nature, African culture, human experiences, and the emotions that color our daily lives".

The Àbélà®  brand was born in the home of its founder, Deola “Abela” Paul-Inyang  a trained artistic perfumer-creator and educator; inspired by her emotive connection to scents.

She desired to curate her African culture through scents and the art of story-telling; delivering a sensational, deep & intuitive experience of culture, art & olfaction. In Yoruba, the language of Western Nigerian origin, Àbélà® means “candle”. 

Products & Offerings

Àbélà® offers an array of conceptual art fragrance products for home and personal care. Visit the ATBB Online Store or Download the Rustic African Collection catalogue to uncover the fragrances.

Rustic African collection Catalogue (flip book)
Download PDF • 3.02MB

Introducing the "Ìrìn Àjò" (Journey Into The Unknown) Artistic Candle

Parallel Lines


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