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Price Plan

Explore our price plans and find your perfect fit

  • Showcase My Business Offer

    (Free Until December 31 2023)
    Valid for 5 months
    • Free listing in our online Business Directory
    • Business Owner feature on our social media profiles
    • Complimentary 1-hr marketing or strategy Health Check
    • Products (or business) display during exhibition
  • StoryTeller Package

    Deliver your business narrative and communicate your 'Why' with clarity and impact.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to 6 month coaching and consultation
    • Tools and templates to articulate your Unique Proposition
    • Refine your storytelling and craft compelling narratives
    • Enhanced listing in our online Business Directory
    • Learn and develop with like-minded business owners
    • Valuable feedback as you practice your business story
  • Distribution and Access Package

    Enhance your confidence and unlock opportunities with large scale economic buyers.
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6-month consultation to gain valuable insights and guidance
    • Refine your skills in navigating large-scale transactions
    • Boost your confidence when engaging with economic buyers
    • Resell your leading products through our sales channels
    • Reach a wider audience through our Surprise Box Collection
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