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Whether you're looking to elevate your marketing strategy, harness the power of storytelling, or explore new horizons, our packages are tailored to your success.

Embrace the opportunity to accelerate your business growth through storytelling, increased visibility, access to market and strtegic marketign support.

Showcase My Business Offer

Free Until December 2023

Are You A Black Business Owner Looking to Expand Your Reach?


Showcase your business in our online directory and let us share your inspiring journey with the world!  Sign up to share your products, services and unique story. 

Enjoy these unique benefits until December 31, 2023.

  • Free listing in our online Business Directory

  • Business Owner feature on our social media profiles

  • Complimentary 1 hr health check to tackle a Business Strategy or Marketing topic that you are concerned about.

  • We will display your products (or business) during exhibitions, trade shows and pop-up shops we attend.

StoryTeller Package

$699 for 6 months

Are you looking to enhance your confidence in presenting your business story? Do you wish to elevate your storytelling abilities and captivate potential partners, investors, and buyers?


Our Storyteller package is carefully crafted to help you master the delivery of your business narrative and communicate your 'Why' with clarity and impact. 

Businesswoman with Laptop
  • Gain access to 6 month of coaching with tools and templates to articulate your unique proposition and business story.

  • Elevate your brand image with an enhanced listing in our Business Directory.

  • Learn and develop at your own pace with opportunities to practice your storytelling and elevator pitch.

  • Network and collaborate with like-minded business owners.


In addition, you’ll unlock these exclusive advantages:

  • Speaking opportunities on our platform to extend your reach and influence.

  • Preferential access to exclusive storytelling opportunities.

Distribution and Access Package

$849 for 6 months

Are you eager to expand your product offerings and tap into new customer segments? Do you yearn to gain valuable insights from untapped markets? Are you seeking to enhance your confidence when engaging with large-scale economic buyers? 


Our distribution and access package is specifically designed to help you unlock new opportunities for your business.

Signing Contract
  • Gain valuable insights and guidance with 6 months of consultation.

  • Refine your skills in navigating large-scale business transactions.

  • Boost your confidence when engaging with economic buyers at scale.

  • Unlock the opportunity to resell your leading products through our online shop and sales channels.
    Feature your products and reach new audiences through our highly curated Surprise Box collection.

In addition, you’ll unlock these exclusive advantages:

  • Networking and collaboration with like-minded business owners.

  • Discounted/preferential access to other trainings and event

Strategic Marketing Consultation: Unleashing Your Brand Potential

Tailored pricing

Are you seeking more focused support for your marketing strategy? Do you have questions about which tools to use, how much to invest, or where to begin? Are you concerned about optimizing your marketing efforts and effectively reaching your target audience?

The Marketeers Package is designed to bring your business ambitions to life.

  • Benefit from 20 years of expertise in Digital Marketing.

  • Receive a personalized approach based on your desired goals.

  • Develop strategies to collaborate effectively with internal and external teams.

  • Drive exceptional value through actionable execution steps.

  • Explore emerging technologies and ideas to enhance brand visibility


In addition, you’ll unlock these exclusive advantages:

  • Access to preferred advertising slots on our platforms.

  • Exclusive opportunities to showcase your brand at our hosted events.

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