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Bonnet Bandits

Bonnet Bandits



Mariha Ineke


Bonnet Bandits offers a line of high-quality and customized activewear and sleepwear for the busy woman as she conquers every aspect of her life.

Parallel Lines


Mariha Ineke

"Bonnet Bandits products are made from nothing but the best materials and fabrics. No more hair breakage, loss, bedhead, or sweaty nights!"

Bonnet Bandits went through a reinvention during Covid . Their primary source of awareness and funding was through trade shows and in the midst of the shutdown, they had to find look to alternative sources to maintain their online presence.

Maria, the founder, was working full-time and running a product-based business. This helped her re-discover herself as she navigated a very difficult period pivoting her business and managing her own personal struggles to overcome depression.

Products & Offerings

Bonnet Bandits' products are designed for the on-the-go, successful woman helping her to experience the freedom of choice and beauty, all in one place.

Their products come in beautiful bold prints and solids. They are not only for indoor usage, but stylish enough to be worn outdoors. Now, you can protect your hair while looking effortlessly stylish.

Parallel Lines


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