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DesiZ Kollections

DesiZ Kollections



Ibukun Oduwole


Introducing DesiZ Kollection, a remarkable fashion brand on a mission to bring out the beauty and unique personality of its customers through bold, beautiful, and fun African-inspired prints and designs, all at affordable prices.​

Parallel Lines


Ibukun Oduwole

"My hope is to be able to bring the African culture to every nook of the USA and show the world that we have something beautiful. I hope to encourage ladies and everyone that it is ok to be different from the typical and colors should be celebrated".

DesiZ Kollection seeks to empower and celebrate women of all colors, embracing the rich tapestry of beauty while sharing the captivating essence of the African culture.

Products & Offerings

Meet Ibukun, a wife, mom of two teens, and seasoned Project Manager in the Health Care industry. Originally from Nigeria, Ibukun's formative years were spent in the bustling city of Lagos. Fuelled by her love for cooking, reading, DIY projects, and fashion, she set out on a mission to pursue her dream as a successful entrepreneur. 

In her own words...

My journey started when my 11-year-old daughter faced some challenges wearing her beloved Nigerian clothes to school. Teasing from classmates made her feel ashamed of her heritage, and as a mom, I couldn't stand by and watch her lose confidence. Her teacher suggested an African design to celebrate her uniqueness, but I couldn't find modern designs that suited her style.
That's when the idea struck me - why not be the source of Afrocentric fashion in my corner of Dallas/Fort-Worth? I decided to create DesiZ Kollection.

Today, her daughter proudly models for the brand, providing input for designs and even creating her styles for girls.

Discover Ibukun's cultural celebration through DesiZ Kollection!

Parallel Lines


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