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Oge by Dara

Oge by Dara



Dara Ojosipe


Oge by Dara is a bespoke fashion label specializing in ready-to-wear styles for men and women. The brand embraces the rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions of Africa, infusing them into their designs to create unique and captivating fashion experiences.

Parallel Lines


Dara Ojosipe

"My business journey has slowly evolved from my love of teaching to sewing. More recently I have focussed my passion to retail wear offerings encompass a diverse range of stylish clothing options designed for both men and women".

Canada-based mum and entrepreneur, Dara Ojosipe, channelled her creative flair into fashion to build a thriving business that is making heads turn.

Products & Offerings

Oge by Dara is not just a fashion brand, it is a celebration of African craftsmanship and a testament to their commitment to delivering unrivaled style and excellence.

Parallel Lines


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