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She's The Total Package

She's The Total Package



Crystal Coleman


Author, Speaker, Cosmetologist Instructor, and Confidence Reinvention Coach, Crystal Coleman helps female leaders in transition to reinvent themselves through personalized coaching, masterclasses, and empowering e-books.

Parallel Lines


Crystal Coleman

"People say they love my products and services because they empower them to feel good about themselves while developing more confidence to pursue their purpose".

Feeling stuck or in transition? Crystal's got the antidote to transform your confidence and help create the life that you want. Explore Crystal's range of transformative tools that utilize faith-based principles to inspire you on the journey to wholeness, clarity, peace and greater prosperity.

Products & Offerings

  1. Affirmation Bling T-shirts 

  2. Books:

    • Mastering The Steps To Become Whole

    • 10 steps for the high-achieving woman Book

  3. Confidence Reinvention Discovery Journal

Parallel Lines


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