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Àbélà® Home Perfume Diffuser Refill 500ml

Àbélà® Home Perfume Diffuser Refill 500ml


Immerse in the rich and luxurious notes of the Àbélà by Scents of Africa® Rustic Africa Collection. Craft a timeless ambiance with Perfume Diffuser refills designed to elevate and rejuvenate your surroundings while stirring nostalgia and sparking curiosity.

Beneath the "Igi Òpe," the Palm Tree of Conviviality, noble men engage in the joyful game of "ayò" amid laughter. From this tree flows the sweet palm wine shared in conviviality to warm hearts. The palm tree symbolizes sustainability and fruitfulness, imparting its essence to the land it graces. This scent awakens the potential in every human to bear fruits that sustain others, offering a rich blend of cool green floral, citrus, and woody notes.


"Ilàrí," the three-pronged African Wood Comb, is a cherished African relic symbolizing the regal essence and creativity of Africa. For centuries, it has been essential for crafting majestic hairstyles for kings and queens. This comb is synonymous with Yoruba culture and a necessity for Nigerian women. Crafted from natural wood with a history dating back to ancient times, "Ilàrí" plays a crucial role in creating beautiful African hairstyles. The conceptual scent, "Ilàrí," captures the woody core of the comb and is laced with a spicy and invigorating air, evoking the grace of those who wielded it.

"Ilé Amò," The African Mud Hut, captures the essence of the early African era where, people dwelled in mud huts with thatched roofs, still found in remote regions today. These structures, formed with the strength of several men, served as both homes and symbols of wealth, embodying primal wealth and community spirit. Crafted from abundant clay, the fragrance echoes with the warmth of laughter and community bonds. The conceptual scent "Ilé Amò" mirrors the earth's dewy essence, combining violet leaf's grounding scent with sweet osmanthus and woody musk undertones.

"Omi Iyè" mirrors the serene dance of African rivers that nurture the land, symbolizing life's flow and sparking hope from the Niger to East Africa. This magical fragrance combines fresh violet and ozone notes with soothing herbal undertones, encapsulating the essence of the River of Life.

"Iná Ìfé," The flame of passion represents Africa's unwavering drive, social responsibility, creativity, and motivation to excel. It serves as a constant reminder to keep our zeal for greatness burning brightly, ensuring our legacy endures. "Iná Ìfé” ignites our innate gifts with urgency, urging us to persevere and leave a creative legacy. This intense fragrance combines passionate floral notes with hints of citrus, amber, musk, and woods, embodying the essence of passion.

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