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Strategic Parenting by Koko Ekeng

Strategic Parenting by Koko Ekeng


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Bringing Up Wholesome Children In Todays World.

From the moment couples hear that they are pregnant, it becomes a whole new ballgame. Life changes forever. For some families, raising wholesome children becomes very difficult as they loose themselves in the process. This won't be so if you have the right knowledge even before you start having children.


Parenting is arguably the toughest job in today's rapidly evolving world. Children are products of their upbringing at home. Therefore, it is dangerous for parents to be confused or complacent about how to raise their children. This is why you must be a strategic parent to raise wholesome children.

STRATEGIC PARENTING is the practical guide to knowing yourself, living a fulfilled life and at the same time, raising your children into the adults you and society can be proud of. In this book, you will learn what to do as a dating couple before getting married, the parenting myths to unlearn, how to connect deeply with your child, the effective disciplinary strategies you can deploy and other critical parenting lessons.

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