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Àbélà® Olóyè (African Emperor) Artistic Perfume Diffuser 950ml

Àbélà® Olóyè (African Emperor) Artistic Perfume Diffuser 950ml


Olóyè (African Emperor) is inspired by the grandeur and majesty of African chiefdoms, reflecting the opulence and power of ancient emperors.


This 950ml Artistic Perfume Diffuser is a statement piece for any home, filling the space with a rich and luxurious fragrance that captures the essence of African royalty. 


By interpretation, Olóyè means “the African Emperor” or “The Titled One”, telling the story of the artist’s views on Africa’s leadership; past, and present whilst expressing her anticipation for the future. It pays homage to the Legends of Africa and curates their majestic effluence depicted in ancient history.


Olóyè recognizes the historical influence of a wide range of African kings, queens chiefs, and legendary leaders from across the African continent. It captures the grandiose yet projective power, pride, piety, boldness, and tenacity of Africa’s chiefdoms. It subtly endears emotions toward the future of African leadership as one with a strong impact on global affairs

Approximate Diffusion Time: 10 months

Net Weight (Fragrance Only): 950ml
Product Weight (Bottle+ Fragrance): 2.5kg
Product Weight (All Inclusive Packaging): 3.5kg

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